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How To Tell If Rodents Got Into Your Home This Winter

Stay alert for winter rodent invasion! Find out where they are laying low in your Phoenix home, and let Protection Termite provide expert rodent control.

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Termite Hotspots In Phoenix: Areas Of Your Home Prone To Infestations

Discover the persistent threat of termites in Phoenix and safeguard your home with Protection Termite.

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Winter Pest Outlook For Phoenix Businesses

If you own a business in Phoenix, here is why you need to consider commercial pest control this winter.

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Everything Phoenix Residents Need To Know About Cockroaches

Use this guide to learn helpful facts about cockroaches. Cockroaches are dangerous pests that require fast action when they appear in homes.

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Rodent Rundown: Keeping These Dangerous Pests Away From Your Phoenix Property

This guide is here to provide you with the ins and outs of rodents and rodent control. Learn about these problematic pests here.

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How To Get Rid Of Termites: A Comprehensive Guide For Phoenix Homeowners

Termites are wood-eating pests that don’t belong in or near our homes. Read here to learn how to control and prevent these destructive pests.

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Buzz Off! A Comprehensive Guide To Preventing Flies In Your Phoenix Home

Are you looking for answers regarding how to prevent flies? Here are some of the most effective preventative measures to consider include:

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How To Get Rid Of Rats: Tips For Effective Rodent Control For Phoenix Properties

Have rats or other types of rodents invaded your home? Respond promptly by contacting a local provider of rodent control services for assistance.

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Everything Phoenix Residents Need To Know About Spiders

Feeling down about all the spiders coming around your Phoenix home? Discover solutions Protection Termite Control provides to wipe them out quickly.

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Why Mice Are A Costly Problem For Phoenix Homes

Tired of dealing with mice in your Phoenix home? Discover the innovative services that Protection Termite Control provides to eliminate them in no time.

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Scorpions In Phoenix: A Comprehensive Identification And Control Guide

Learn prevention tips and control tactics to keep scorpions from invading your Phoenix property in this helpful guide from Protection Termite Control.

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The Best Strategies For Eliminating Termites In Phoenix

Do you think you have a termite problem? Thankfully, we've got proven techniques and strategies for successful termite control in Phoenix.

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Just had an annual inspection and treatment by Matt.  A great job all around.  He discovered and treated a spot I was not even aware of.  I am very appreciative and will be repeating this experience to my Sun Lakes friends.  Thanks so much!

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Thomas S

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