Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Termite Control

    • Why are termites on my property?
      Termites are attracted to wood and moisture. They might attempt to invade your house because you have a wooden structure but are also attracted to wood piles near the exterior of your home. Some termites thrive in humid environments, so leaks are another common attractant.
    • Can I avoid termites around my home?
      Though termites are very hard to avoid there are measures that can be taken. When we visit your property, we'll look for things that might attract these pests to your home. In addition to taking preventative steps, we'll provide termite prevention tips to keep these insects away.
    • What happens if the termites come back?
      In most cases, our initial treatment will solve your termite problem. However, if the pests return, we will too. We'll reinspect your exterior and interior to determine how they reached your building and retreat the affected areas.
  • Home Seal

    • Why do scorpions want to get inside my home?
      While scorpions love hot climates, they'll attempt to escape the heat by getting inside your home. When their search for shade and a cooler climate leads them to your property's exterior, they'll take advantage of entry points to get inside your property.
    • Do you know how to get rid of scorpions other than your preventative home seal service?
      In addition to our proactive home seal service, we offer our premier scorpion control service as well. That way, if you're already dealing with a scorpion infestation in your home, you can count on us to handle that problem as well.
    • Can your home seal service keep other pests out of my property?
      Yes! Our home seal service is effective at keeping all types of pests outside of your Phoenix property. From rodents to insects, home seal service cuts off entry points that may have let pests inside your property in the past. Keep scorpions and all other pests out of your home or business building with this extremely effective preventative service.
  • Termite Inspection

    • What's the difference between a termite inspection and a home inspection?
      When you're buying or selling a property, a home inspector will examine various parts of your structure, some will do a termite inspection at the same time as their inspection. We specialized in termites! We can not only find them but we can treat them.
    • Can I find termites on my own?
      There are ways to discover termites in and around your home. Some common signs of termites include termite swarmer’s around your property, dirt tube on your foundation, brown like tubes on your walls and ceiling and hollowed out wood. However, these signs can be hard to identify. Professional termite inspectors have the experience and skills to find these pests on your property.
    • Do your termite inspections have a warranty?
      Clear inspections come with a warranty. If you find termites on your property after we leave, please contact our team.