Rodent Rundown: Keeping These Dangerous Pests Away From Your Phoenix Property

Mouse in fallen leaves

When rodents find their way to your Phoenix, Arizona, property, you must address their presence immediately. These scavenging pests will make the most of any property that offers them access to their basic needs. Unfortunately for Phoenix homeowners, our indoor and outdoor spaces provide mice, rats, and other rodents with amenities that allow them not only to survive but thrive. Once rodents become comfortable on a property, they are frustrating and difficult to remove. 

As soon as you notice rodents on your property, immediately reach out and schedule professional Phoenix rodent control services. Protection Termite is here to help you keep dangerous rodents away from your property. 

Common Rodent Species: Identify Rats, Mice, And Other Intruders

Knowing what the most common rodents in Phoenix look like will help you quickly identify a problem with rodents on your property. Mice and rats are the two most common rodents to find their way to our homes. Adult rats are larger than adult mice; they also have a more blunt nose compared to the more triangular head of a mouse. Rats have thick, hairless, scaly tails, while mice have thin tails, usually covered in a light layer of velvety fur. 

At Protection Termite, we understand that when you spot a small furry rodent scurrying across your home or, worse, your feet, you may not be able to determine what exactly it is. That is where we come in. Call us, and we will identify whether rats, mice, or another common rodent like a squirrel has found its way to your home. 

Health Risks And Property Damage: The Importance Of Rodent Control

Many types of rodents have developed close relationships with people and live in large populations wherever we live. Actively controlling rodents and keeping them away from our homes and families is necessary to avoid the health risks and property damage these pests are famous for causing. 

Salmonellosis, leptospirosis, and hantavirus are diseases regularly spread by rodents that can cause serious illness in people. When rodents enter our homes, they will forage for food and chew their way into food containers, contaminating your family’s food with urine, excrement, and saliva. 

Rodents have continuously growing front incisors to keep them from overgrowing; they constantly gnaw on objects they come across. Wires, cables, drywall, wooden trim, floors, furniture, cabinets, and other structural elements are subject to damage when rodents are present. They also chew through and damage personal items like bedding, clothing, papers, and more as they gather nesting materials.

Proactive Rodent Control: Preventing Infestations Before They Begin

Consider the following options when wanting to guard your home against rodents. Being proactive and making simple changes in and around your home can go a long way in avoiding issues with unwanted rodents.

Our helpful rodent prevention tips include:

  • Keep outdoor eating areas and grill or barbeque areas free of leftover food debris. 
  • Place all trash bags you remove from your home inside containers with locking lids. Store trash cans away from the exterior of your house. 
  • Inspect your home's exterior and repair damaged door sweeps, trim, weatherstripping, screens, and foundation walls.
  • Keep caps on chimneys and mesh screens over vents entering your home.
  • Seal spaces around utility entrance points. 
  • Practice good food storage and sanitation habits inside your home.

Use the above tips to avoid a problem with rodents in your home. If you are currently in the midst of a rodent infestation, contact a professional as soon as possible! 

Professional Rodent Control: The Best Way To Keep Mice And Rats Away

Professional rodent control is the best way to get rid of rodents and keep mice and rats away in the future. Protection Termite provides residents in Phoenix and surrounding areas with effective and reliable rodent control solutions. We will get to the root of your rodent infestation, remove these unwanted pests from your home, and provide long-term relief against rodents and other common household pests. To learn more about rodent control in Phoenix, please call today!