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Phoenix, one of the best-known cities in Arizona, is where you want to be for plenty of sunshine most of the year and mild, short winters. 

And you can't beat its stunning landscapes, with beautiful saguaro cacti and picturesque landmarks like the Grand Canyon and the Superstition Mountains within a relatively short drive. And beyond that, it boasts a thriving arts scene and plenty of outdoor festivals and events throughout the year. 

Still, one of the downsides of the area is the abundance of scary pests like scorpions, termites, cockroaches, and other creepy crawlies. But with the proper pest control in Phoenix, AZ, you can keep your home safe year-round.

Residential Pest Control In Phoenix

Nothing beats quality residential pest control when it comes to protecting your home from unwanted insects, scavengers, and other invaders. With the proper prevention strategies and safe but effective treatments, your pest problem will be a thing of the past in no time, with a low risk of reinfestations.

A family owned and operated company, Protection Termite Control has been the go-to company in the Phoenix area for over 30 years. We strive to provide excellent customer service and continuously update our experts on the latest pest control techniques. If your home is the target of wood-destroying insects, stinging pests, scavengers, and more, we can get rid of them for you swiftly.

Commercial Pest Control In Phoenix

Local businesses face many challenges, but having scorpions threatening your guests or termites eating through your buildings should not be on your list of worries. Unfortunately, commercial properties are magnets for pests due to many factors, including abundant food and shelter.

As a business ourselves, we know all about our local Arizona pests and specialize in eliminating them while preventing them from returning. But with commercial pest control, you can relax knowing that we actively keep pests away while being mindful of your daily operations and minimizing or eliminating downtime while saving you money in the long run. Call Protection Termite Control today to schedule an inspection and get started.

Why Phoenix Homes Need Professional Termite Control

There are many reasons to seek out professional termite control for your home. These wood-destroying pests can make short work of even the most prominent buildings as they chew through the structure relentlessly and without needing to stop to sleep.

Here are some reasons to consider letting the pros keep them away from your property:

Termites cause structural damage: Termite activity can compromise the integrity of your home and potentially lead to costly repairs. And by weakening your beams, support structures, and even furniture, they can make it unsafe to live in.

Inspection can lead to early detection: Noticing termites is often challenging until the infestation has already caused significant damage. Still, our experts have the expertise to identify early signs of termites, such as mud tubes, discarded wings, or wood damage, allowing for prompt treatment and minimizing potential harm to your home.

We provide comprehensive solutions: We tailor our treatments to your specific needs after conducting a thorough inspection to assess the extent of the infestation and develop effective treatment plans. Call us today to learn more about our termite control strategies.

We recommend preventive measures: Treatments should usually be a last resort, and you can avoid them by prioritizing prevention techniques like treating the soil around your property, installing termite barriers, and more.

We bring peace of mind: Our experts have the necessary knowledge, tools, and experience to help safeguard your property, minimize the risk of termite damage, and save you from expensive repairs.

Call us today to learn about our termite control options, including Dominion 2L treatments, no-tent option for drywood termites, and more.


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  • Why do scorpions want to get inside my home?
    While scorpions love hot climates, they'll attempt to escape the heat by getting inside your home. When their search for shade and a cooler climate leads them to your property's exterior, they'll take advantage of entry points to get inside your property.
  • Can I find termites on my own?
    There are ways to discover termites in and around your home. Some common signs of termites include termite swarmer’s around your property, dirt tube on your foundation, brown like tubes on your walls and ceiling and hollowed out wood. However, these signs can be hard to identify. Professional termite inspectors have the experience and skills to find these pests on your property.
  • Can I avoid termites around my home?
    Though termites are very hard to avoid there are measures that can be taken. When we visit your property, we'll look for things that might attract these pests to your home. In addition to taking preventative steps, we'll provide termite prevention tips to keep these insects away.

How To Seal Your Phoenix Home Against Scorpions

The following measures can be helpful to seal your Phoenix home against scorpions:

  • Seal entry points: Because scorpions can squeeze through small cracks and openings, you should inspect your doors, windows, foundation, and walls and seal them wherever needed.
  • Screen vents and windows: Install screens on openings can prevent scorpions from entering as long as they fit tightly and are in good condition, without any tears or gaps.
  • Install door sweeps: Creating a tight seal at the bottom of doors can prevent scorpions from crawling under and invading your home.
  • Secure pet doors: Scorpions are known to use pet doors as entry points if needed, but a closing mechanism or sealing it off when not in use can prevent that.
  • Keep your yard clean: Dense vegetation and debris are scorpion magnets. Keep your yard well-maintained to reduce potential hiding places for these stinging pests.
  • Reduce moisture: Addressing sources of excess water around your home, including fixing leaks, ensuring proper drainage, and keeping areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements well-ventilated and dry, is essential to effective scorpion control in Phoenix.

For more protection, you can't beat working with professionals. We can conduct a thorough inspection, treat existing infestations, and provide ongoing preventive treatments to keep scorpions at bay. 

Many pests are a natural part of Phoenix's ecosystem but have no place in your home. Call us today to eliminate them safely.

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