Winter Pest Outlook For Phoenix Businesses

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How cold does it have to get outdoors before you start wearing warmer clothing? Some people are able to walk around in flip-flops in close to negative temperatures. Others start wearing jackets the moment it gets below 70 degrees. Pests are the same as people in their preferences. Some local creatures look for warm places to live when the temperature drops below 70; others can survive outdoors longer but will eventually need to find somewhere to warm up.

If you own a business in Phoenix, here is why you need to consider commercial pest control this winter. Reach out to our team at Protection Termite if you are currently looking for options to protect your local business property. We will make sure you have everything you need to avoid invasive creatures through this cold season. 

Why Pest Activity Is Disastrous For Business

Any creature that decides to invade a local business becomes a problem. The most common problem associated with different types of pests is annoyance. Just think about how your employees and customers might react to seeing a bug or rodent skitter under their feet.

Two other problems associated with pest infestations are danger and destruction. Lots of local creatures threaten people with bites, stings, or diseases. Other creatures damage property by chewing holes into structural wood, damaging fabrics, staining furniture, or tearing up fabrics, paper, or insulation. As we head deeper into winter, you should be more wary about pests coming indoors and causing problems for your business. 

Common Winter Pests Affecting Phoenix Businesses

Lots of local creatures value warmth and comfort. As temperatures drop here in Phoenix, some local animals will start to look for warm places to hide. Common types of pests that might try to get into your business include mice, rats, cockroaches, spiders, crickets, and ants. These are just a few common winter pests.

To make things worse, many of these creatures, including rats, mice, and cockroaches, like to stay indoors long after winter goes away. This is because of the other provisions businesses provide, like food, water, and places to hide. We want to take some time today to consider what options you have for quality commercial pest control to help you avoid trouble with common winter pests.

Tips To Reduce Your Risk For Pest Activity Around Your Business

Before we discuss our commercial pest control services, we think it is important that you know some common prevention methods to protect your business property. Here are a few strategies to start with.

  • Seal potential entry points in your business building’s exterior.
  • Make sure all of your doors and windows have proper seals.
  • Invest in new window and door screens to replace ones that are damaged.
  • Reduce clutter inside and around your business building.
  • Keep your commercial property as clean as possible.

For more detailed protection against pest threats, talk with our team at Protection Termite and ask about our advanced commercial pest control plans.

Benefits Of Professional Commercial Pest Management In Phoenix

Part of our goal today is to help you find a good option for commercial pest control in Phoenix. In our opinion, we are your best option for this. Now, this isn’t to toot our own horn. We have done a lot to earn the right to say this. Our pest control professionals understand common and uncommon pest threats and have trained hard to confidently assist business owners in helping them avoid the potential problems that come with local species.

Let us use this experience to benefit you and your commercial property. Call Protection Termite to start your process to total pest freedom in Phoenix.