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Stop Miscellaneous Pests From Getting Into Your Phoenix Property

Crickets in a basement

Not all pests can bite, scratch, or physically endanger people and pets. However, we still don't need them running amok, especially when it comes to our homes and businesses.

Three of the most common pests in the Phoenix area tend to fall into this category. House crickets are loud and annoying at night, while earwigs create unpleasant and unwelcoming surroundings. Fire ants, in contrast, can cause painful stings and may be more dangerous than the other two bugs.

Here's how Protection Termite Control can defend your property from crickets, earwigs, and fire ants in Phoenix.

Frequently Asked Questions About Other Common Pests

What are common pests?

Common pests refer to insects that occur more frequently in a certain area or habitat. Here in Phoenix, AZ, these include house crickets, earwigs, and fire ants.

House crickets are small, long-legged insects known for their soothing chirping sounds. However, once they get into your home or business, they may be exceedingly annoying and difficult to get back out.

Earwigs are nocturnal insects with disturbingly long pinschers. Although they have a somewhat interesting proclivity for cardboard, they cause little to no physical danger to people or pets.

Fire ants are a more dangerous species of insect known for their painful stings. Their venom is known to incite allergic reactions in at-risk individuals.

Are most common pests dangerous?

As mentioned, common pests pose little if any danger to people, pets, or their properties – save the fire ant, of course. The stings of these insects are exceedingly painful and may require medical intervention in some cases.

House crickets cannot sting or scratch people, although their bark is far worse than their bite. Once these insects get into your home or business, they may chirp through the night and disturb your sleep.

Contrary to popular belief, the earwig cannot crawl into your ear or eat human tissue. They do, however, eat through many household goods, including clothes, cardboard, books, and other materials.

Why do I have a pest problem?

Everyone in Phoenix carries some level of risk for a pest infestation, although some properties carry more risk than others. You may have a pest problem because of certain attractant factors left to linger around your home or business.

For example, you may have a large amount of standing water inside or outside your home. Water attracts thirsty insects from all over your yard and can encourage them to set up shop in your home.

You may also have an excess of food or water on your patio, porch, or kitchen counter. Fire ants won't mind picking up after your family's summer barbeque, and crickets won't hesitate to take cover in tall or unkempt grasses.

Where will I find pests?

Many common pests live outside in the yard or garden, which means they rarely come inside unless gaining access is easy. You can typically find earwigs under rocks and mulch, locate crickets in tall grasses, or discover fire ants building nests near sidewalks and driveways. 

If you own a pond or have a house near a vernal pool, pests may gravitate towards those areas as well.

How do I get rid of pests?

The best way to get rid of common pests around Phoenix is to partner with professional experts like Protection Termite Control. We offer multiple years of pest control experience and are proud to help hundreds of property owners with earwig, fire ant, and house cricket management.

Call to get a quote from our seasoned providers for commercial or residential pest control services.

How can I prevent pests in the future?

You can rely on the following pest prevention tips to keep common pests from getting into your home:

  • Caulk and seal all cracks and gaps around the sides of your home
  • Wash dirty dishes as soon as they are made, and clean your kitchen counters frequently. 
  • Install new weatherproofing, mesh screens, and kick plates to stop pests from getting inside. 
  • Keep your lawn maintained by mowing the grass frequently and pruning shrubs and trees. 
  • Throw filled trash bags into heavily sealed containers that pests like ants cannot breach.

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