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What You Need To Know About Flying Insects In Phoenix, Arizona

Flying insects are pests that can drive us crazy and prevent us from enjoying our outdoor spaces. In Phoenix, Arizona, the two kinds of flying insects that regularly visit our yard and sometimes find their way into our homes are the house fly and the bee. 

To learn more about the type of flying insects you may have on your property, please see below. Then contact Protection Termite Control!

Frequently Asked Questions About Flying Insects In Phoenix, Arizona

What are flying insects?

Flying insects have one or two pairs of wings, six legs, and a segmented body. Below is a quick overview of two of the most common flying insects to invade Phoenix properties: house flies and bees.

House Flies

Adult house flies have a gray oval-shaped body and four black stripes on the thorax. On the face, they have one velvety gold and one silver stripe. House flies are only able to feed on liquids. They have the unique ability to turn many solid foods into liquids for them to eat. House flies taste with their feet which are 10 million times more sensitive to sugar than the human tongue. In general, these flies tend to stay within one to two miles of where they were born. However, they can migrate up to 20 miles to find food.


Bees are amazing creatures – vital to the workings of nature. They pollinate flowers and make honey, providing the necessary component in the circle of life.

Africanized and European honey bees live in our region and have some similarities: they look the same, sting to protect themselves or the colony, have the same venom, will die after stinging, pollinate flowers, produce honey, and make wax.

Both types of bees may seem very docile initially, but they can turn on you anytime. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you do not: tease them, throw rocks or antagonize them.

Africanized bees can sense a threat from people and animals 50 feet from their colony. They sense vibration in noise from power equipment 100 feet or more away. They can pursue you up to a quarter of a mile. Africanized bees frequently swarm to establish new colonies and will move their entire colony readily if food becomes scarce.

Are flying insects dangerous?

Many flying insects have the potential to be dangerous. They can sting, spread disease, trigger allergic reactions, and limit your family's ability to enjoy your outdoor space.

House flies live, feed, and breed in areas that put them in constant contact with bacteria, human pathogens, and parasites. They are filth flies and have been known to carry over 100 different disease-causing germs, making them very bad house guests. Inside our homes, they not only become a nuisance but quickly contaminate food and surfaces with things that can make us ill.

Bees are a type of stinging insect that deliver painful, venom-filled stings to defend themselves or their colony. Venom from bees is potent enough to trigger severe allergic reactions. Provoking bees, or trying to control them yourself, can result in an attack. If bees attack you: leave quickly, do not swat at them, cover your head and face with clothing, and seek shelter inside an enclosed area. Do not jump in water, and always remain calm.

Though treating bees yourself may seem cost-effective, it can be very costly to your health. We recommend that you leave this up to the professionals at Protection Termite Control.

Why do I have a flying insect problem?

Flying insects can find their way onto any of our properties. Their wings allow them to move to places that offer them access to their basic needs. Unfortunately for us, our Phoenix yards offer these pests multiple places to forage for food and water. In addition, our outdoor spaces provide flies with many places to lay their eggs and bees with numerous nesting sites. Once these pests are comfortable and know their needs will be met, they are hard to eliminate.

Where will I find flying insects?

The house fly thrives in urban and rural areas. When large numbers of these flies use your yard as a feeding and breeding ground, it's only a matter of time before they find their way inside. Common entry points include open windows and doors, torn screens, gaps under doors, and around vents. Once inside, fly infestations typically develop in areas that put them near food and water – kitchens, bathrooms, and pantries.

Bees typically nest outdoors. There are many places in your Phoenix yard where you can come across one of their nests. Their most common nesting sites include trees, gardens, attics, eaves, play gyms, storage units, and patio furniture. If you are seeing any signs of bees, take them very seriously.

How do I get rid of flying insects?

If you are tired of dodging flying insects on your property, we are here to help. We are a family-owned and operated business committed to helping families in the Phoenix area maintain properties that aren't overrun by unwanted pests.

To get rid of flies, bees, and other flying insects, we offer the following:

  • Control
  • Removal
  • Extermination
  • Proofing

Here at Protection Termite Control, we strive to maintain long-term customer relationships and ensure customer satisfaction. Call us today for the most effective year-round home pest control against flying insects and other pests!

How can I prevent flying insects in the future?

You can take several steps to prevent flying insects from taking over your Phoenix property. Below are our top flying insect prevention tips:

  • Be vigilant about sanitation.
  • Remove trash regularly.
  • Seal garbage receptacles.
  • Immediately clean up pet waste.
  • Place fine mesh screens in doors and windows.
  • Remove areas of standing water.
  • Don't leave food or sugary drinks outside.

For residential or commercial flying insect control in Phoenix, call us at Protection Termite Control today!

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