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Located halfway between the cities of Phoenix and Tucson, the city of Casa Grande is no longer a quiet rural town. Its 50,000 residents find plenty of things to do, with dozens of local businesses, entertainment venues, and outdoor spaces in the area.

Unfortunately, pests also find lots to do around the city of Casa Grande. There are hundreds of residential homes to explore and dozens of commercial businesses to invade. Home and business owners may find it difficult to keep pests under control, especially when it comes to serious invaders like wood-eating termites.

Protection Termite understands the seriousness of pest infestations, and we believe you deserve to live and work in a comfortable, pest-free space. We’ve spent the last several decades building out this vision with effective pest management services that deliver long-lasting results.

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Residential Pest Control In Casa Grande


Who said home pest control in Casa Grande had to be complicated? With the helpful services of Protection Termite, you can ensure unwanted pests stay away from your property. We address pest activity before or after an infestation using the following three steps:

  • A full inspection to better understand how pests are getting inside your home.
  • A treatment service tailored to your property (which may take place immediately after your inspection).
  • A follow-up schedule designed to meet your needs, with monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service options available.

It’s time to get your home and loved ones under the protection of Protection Termite. Give us a call to request a no-obligation estimate and a comprehensive inspection of your home.

Commercial Pest Control In Casa Grande

It takes a lot of effort to build a business and even more to maintain it. This means unexpected problems like pest infestations are never welcome. They interfere with employee workflows and jeopardize your customer experience. 

Unfortunately, pest infestations are common in businesses and may introduce your company to many problems. Not only do they disturb clients, suppliers, and customers, but they can also introduce dangerous pathogens and property damage.

Protection Termite is ready to help. We first inspect the entirety of your business and then present our findings so you know what you’re up against. After that, we administer comprehensive, effective treatments to remove existing pests and discourage future pests from getting inside.

You can trust Protection Termite with dependable commercial pest control in Casa Grande, regardless of how impossible your infestation may seem. Submit an online contact form to chat with a seasoned expert and get the ball rolling on protection for your property.


Get Answers to Your Questions

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  • Can I find termites on my own?
    There are ways to discover termites in and around your home. Some common signs of termites include termite swarmer’s around your property, dirt tube on your foundation, brown like tubes on your walls and ceiling and hollowed out wood. However, these signs can be hard to identify. Professional termite inspectors have the experience and skills to find these pests on your property.
  • Why do scorpions want to get inside my home?
    While scorpions love hot climates, they'll attempt to escape the heat by getting inside your home. When their search for shade and a cooler climate leads them to your property's exterior, they'll take advantage of entry points to get inside your property.
  • What happens if the termites come back?
    In most cases, our initial treatment will solve your termite problem. However, if the pests return, we will too. We'll reinspect your exterior and interior to determine how they reached your building and retreat the affected areas.

Protect Your Casa Grande Home From Pests With Home Seal

One of the fastest ways pests can get inside your home is by crawling through cracks, gaps, and unsealed entry points. This is particularly problematic for pests like scorpions, which can inflict painful, venomous stings on both people and pets.

If you want to protect your Casa Grande home from scorpions, you need to consider the effectiveness of a home seal program. Thankfully, Protection Termite uses the following steps to keep scorpions out of your home:

  • First, we look for cracks, crevices, and other small entry points scorpions could use to get inside.
  • Then, we address each and every entry point with a customized approach based on your unique needs and our conclusive findings.
  • If you already have scorpions inside your home, rest assured we have what it takes to remove them promptly.

Are you ready to learn more about our Home Seal Program? We invite you to contact the team at Protection Termite today. We’d be happy to identify entry points around your home and develop a scorpion removal program for the pests around your property.

How The Experts Prevent Termite Damage In Casa Grande

Want to prevent termite damage from affecting your Casa Grande home? It starts with the expert services and professional treatments offered by Protection Termite. 

First, skilled professionals conduct an extensive inspection of your property. Then, we report our findings so you can make informed decisions about the next steps. We determine the type of termite control service that may be necessary for your Casa Grande home. 

We offer part-drill, full-drill, and no-tent termite treatments so you get the results you need at the speed you want. We also work to eliminate termite-conducive factors and design landscaping abatements to decrease termite access points.

With Protection Termite, you can rest assured your termite problem will be managed by seasoned professionals. We pride ourselves on an extensive history of successfully eliminating termite infestations, and we look forward to eliminating yours as well. 

Call us today to reserve your space for termite control in Casa Grande.

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