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As anyone who lives in the desert can attest, pests around here have adapted well to the urban environments we’ve built in the Phoenix-Mesa metro area. It’s a hard life trying to survive the heat and drought of the wilderness here, which drives pest populations to invade our homes and businesses. 

If you aren’t taking steps to protect your property and implement high-level pest control measures in Mesa, Arizona, there’s a good chance you’ll wind up with an infestation. At Protection Termite, we aim to prevent pest problems from forming and quickly remove them before they can lead to larger problems. 

Let us tell you more about our effective pest control and other services that help keep your property protected in Mesa.

Residential Pest Control In Mesa

Keeping pests out of your home can seem like a difficult prospect. How can you possibly address every hidden access point or every tiny bug that’s drawn to your home? With home pest control in Mesa from Protection Termite, it’s easy to keep pests away and make sure they don’t lead to expensive property damage or impact your health. 

Here’s why so many Mesa homeowners trust us to protect them from pests: 

  • Free estimates: We provide free estimates over the phone, so you know right away the competitive pricing we use to approach your pest concerns.  
  • Comprehensive pest control: We don’t just address one kind of pest or one area of your property. Instead, we aim to provide long-term protection against all types of invasive pests in Mesa, and treat your entire property to ensure that your level of risk is completely mitigated. 
  • Specialty services: We excel at addressing particularly dangerous or destructive pests like termites and scorpions. If these kinds of pests threaten your Mesa home, we can provide specialty services that work.

Contact Protection Termite today to get started on residential pest control in Mesa, Arizona.

Commercial Pest Control In Mesa

Operating a local business is stressful enough without also having to contend with pest infestations. Unfortunately, businesses in Mesa are vulnerable to pests moving in and leading to larger costs. To protect your property from these problems, you need commercial pest control in Mesa that’s designed around helping a wide range of businesses. 

At Protection Termite, we tailor our services to the type of property we’re servicing, whether that’s a strip mall, church, homeowners association, or warehouse. While all kinds of pests can be drawn to these kinds of commercial properties, fully addressing an infestation can vary depending on the layout of the property and the activity that goes on there. 

This is why we work with local business owners to craft a pest control plan that’s right for them and far more cost-effective than a wait-and-see approach. Get started on total pest protection for your Mesa business by contacting Protection Termite right away.  

How Mesa Homeowners Can Minimize Their Risk Of Scorpions Getting In

Not every part of the country has to worry about scorpions in their yard, but Mesa property owners know just how common these stinging pests are in the Sonoran Desert. There are a variety of scorpions that are native to Arizona, and all of them can be attracted to our properties. 

Proper scorpion control is all about preventing an invasion in the first place, which requires addressing the factors that draw scorpions in and applying the right kinds of treatments that repel predatory pests andthe prey they seek.

Here’s how you can address your risk of scorpions in Mesa: 

  • Moisture control: Like all animals, scorpions need water to survive, which is why they will be attracted to whatever moisture sources they can find in the desert. Our yards provide easy access to puddles and sprinkler systems that keep the earth wet. 
  • Treatments: Professional yard treatments can ward off scorpions so they never establish nesting grounds around your yard in the first place. 
  • General pest control: Scorpions are attracted to yards with prey for them to hunt, so general pest control measures that prevent these kinds of populations from forming are also necessary for total scorpion control. 

 Get local scorpion control in Mesa by contacting Protection Termite today.


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  • Can I avoid termites around my home?
    Though termites are very hard to avoid there are measures that can be taken. When we visit your property, we'll look for things that might attract these pests to your home. In addition to taking preventative steps, we'll provide termite prevention tips to keep these insects away.
  • Why are termites on my property?
    Termites are attracted to wood and moisture. They might attempt to invade your house because you have a wooden structure but are also attracted to wood piles near the exterior of your home. Some termites thrive in humid environments, so leaks are another common attractant.
  • Do you know how to get rid of scorpions other than your preventative home seal service?
    In addition to our proactive home seal service, we offer our premier scorpion control service as well. That way, if you're already dealing with a scorpion infestation in your home, you can count on us to handle that problem as well.

Essential Tips For Termite Control Every Mesa Homeowner Should Know

One of the most important pest control tips to consider, especially when it comes to destructive pests like termites, is that you really need to seek professional guidance early on. By the time an infestation is noticeable, it could very well have been growing on your property for weeks or months already. With termites, that could mean that they’ve already eaten through the wooden materials that our homes are made of. 

The essential tips for termite control all involve turning to professionals for inspections and termite treatments that keep colonies from forming without you realizing it. You may assume a termite infestation would be obvious, but the truth is that termites are good at hiding and they can grow below ground long before they ever leave surface signs of their activity around for you to spot. Only trained professionals know how to spot the subtle signs, which is where Protection Termite becomes an invaluable resource. 

Let us protect your Mesa home from termites by contacting us today to get started on inspections and treatments that shield your home from destructive termites. 

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