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Termite Control In Phoenix

Protect Your Home With Professional Termite Control In Phoenix

Termites causes 5 billion in damage each year. It can become a significant problem when they invade your Phoenix area property. They originate in the soil in your yard and build mud tunnels to reach your structure. Since they feed on wood, they threaten all buildings nearby. It can take months or years for visible damage to appear and impact the structural integrity of your house.

Termites will tunnel through the ground to reach your building and eat wood from the inside out. As a result, you likely won't see these pests in your home or business till it is too late. Fortunately, the termite control experts at Protection Termite Control can help. Our licensed and trained technicians will find where these pests are hiding and use the most effective techniques to remove them. We'll also provide tips to help you avoid future infestations.

Termites are among the most troublesome pests that infest Phoenix homes. Call us today to learn more about our termite control services.

How We Can Keep Termites Out Of Your Phoenix Home

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Our service begins with a termite inspection of your property. We'll identify the problem and develop a customized treatment plan to eradicate the termites around your home or business. We offer two treatment options to ensure you get the best solution to your problem.

We design our part-drill and full-drill treatments to eliminate termites and protect you from future infestations. Both treatments include treating the soil around your perimeter and down-drilling your patio’s and garage. Foaming activity where accessible. Full-drill treatments involve angle drilling at the foundation stem wall where accessible, foaming plumbing voids as needed, and anywhere else necessary to eliminate the infestation.

We only use products proven to be successful in Arizona structures.

Additionally, we offer no-tent treatments for drywood termites on your property. We'll complete an inspection to find their colony and provide a foam treatment to solve the problem. Drywood termites don't require wood-to-soil contact to invade buildings, so foam treatments are very successful.

We specifically design our treatments to eliminate the most common termites in Arizona, and we only use methods that are proven to work. Contact us to discover how we can solve termite problems around your Phoenix property.

Our Termite Control Process

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When our team arrives at your property, we embark on a thorough inspection of your home, meticulously searching for any signs of termite presence and identifying infested areas. With a comprehensive examination of both the exterior and interior, we ensure no detail is overlooked. Following this inspection, we engage in a detailed discussion about your specific concerns, providing expert insights and offering a range of effective treatment options tailored to your needs. Our streamlined process allows us to promptly schedule and initiate the treatment during the inspection itself, swiftly resolving the issue and preventing any further damage from occurring.

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Discover our comprehensive termite treatment options designed to effectively address termite infestations. Choose between our part-drill and full-drill treatments, each offering specialized solutions tailored to your needs. Both treatments encompass treating the soil surrounding your property and performing meticulous down-drilling of patios and garages. The part-drill process sets itself apart by incorporating foam as an alternative or complementary approach to traditional drilling techniques. On the other hand, our full-drill treatment goes the extra mile by angle-drilling the foundation stem wall and other affected areas. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we exclusively use proven products specifically formulated to combat termites in Arizona's challenging desert environment.

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As part of our commitment to your satisfaction, we offer an annual inspection following the completion of our treatment at your request. This inspection serves as an added layer of reassurance, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your property continues to be safeguarded against termites. In the event that any termites re-invest, rest assured that we have you covered with our comprehensive warranty protection plan. Our warranty ensures that any necessary treatments are promptly addressed, delivering ongoing protection and maintaining the integrity of our services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Termite Control

Termites are attracted to wood and moisture. They might attempt to invade your house because you have a wooden structure but are also attracted to wood piles near the exterior of your home. Some termites thrive in humid environments, so leaks are another common attractant.

The Best Way To Keep Termites Away From Your Phoenix Home

Termites are among the most feared pests that invade Phoenix homes. They travel through and infest hidden areas, so you might not see them. In the meantime, they'll eat through your wood, potentially causing structural damage.

Our technicians at Protection Termite Control know termite habits and use the best methods to eliminate infestations. We'll inspect your property to find the pests, develop customized treatments, and take steps to prevent future problems.

Termites can cause extensive damage over time if you let them remain in your building. Give us a call to protect your property from termites in Phoenix.

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Customer Review

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We have been with Protection Termite since purchasing our home in 2016.  They have always been professional, willing to answer questions, and listen to my concerns.  Matt came out yesterday for our annual inspection and treatment.  I was completely blown away at how thorough he was in his approach.  He did an amazing job and I appreciate him inspecting all of the little crevices and areas around the home.  His treatment was even more thorough.  I am very impressed at the service we received.  You will have to wait to receive service, but they have been worth the wait.  At least they are hiring competent individuals and not compromising quality in order to perform the service.

Young Spanish couple holding up their daughter in their arms smiling
Saralyn B

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